Growing up in the coastal town of Middleton in South Australia, I have always been involved with the ocean from a young age, whether it be surfing, bodyboarding or swimming I loved being in the ocean. I started to take a particular liking to the bodyboard at around the age of 15, first competing and winning the state titles at the age of 16. Over the past years surfing has progressed, winning numerous state titles, competing successfully on the national levels and on the Australian Tours.

My love for travel and experience have taken me to such places as Samoa, Cook Island and Bali, throughout Europe and the UK, New Zealand, Hawaii, as well scouring parts of the Australian coastline searching for different waves to progress my surfing.

My current focus in bodyboarding is to enjoy and push my surfing. Travelling the world, and our amazing coastline pursuing new images and video footage to showcase my experiences and surfing. Running and managing local competitions and fostering new bodyboarders within Australia is a new avenue my focus has shifted towards. Through running local club events through to Pro Tour events to promote and showcase the sport of bodyboarding and help build the new generation for the future.

Working and promoting amazing Sun Zapper products with an important message is my goal. As a bodyboarder I am always exposed to the sun and elements, and with the support of Sun Zapper products I am looking forward to the future.

Whether it is surfing 4 hours of pumping waves or playing an intense match of tennis I always am using my favourite Sun Zapper products the Tone coloured zinc sticks and the Ultra Clear Zinc sunscreen.

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