I started off my love for the ocean as a nipper at a local SLSC at Nobbys Beach from there I started riding all sorts of water craft bodyboards, rescue boards and surfboards but I could never really pick one until I met a group of guys that were 100% bodyboarders, some of which were state and Australian champions!

Bodyboarding has taken me all around the world to some incredible places like Hawaii, Samoa, Tahiti, Chile, Canada, Spain, Portugal, Canary Islands, America, Mexico, Indonesia and of coarse all over Australia. It has given me a life only people could dream of and I'm very grateful for that!

Winning an Aussie Pro tour event a few years back in WA against Dave Winchester is a highlight for me, and this year winning the Knights Beach Aussie Pro event. I narrowly missed out on the Australian title, coming runner up by a few points but this year I'm fit and ready to win the tour.

My favourite Sun Zapper products are Skin Tone zinc and SPF 50+ sunscreen, for sure!

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