As a 14 year old boy growing up in Bulli on the south coast of NSW, I have been fortunate to live so close to the beach that it has become a major part of my everyday life. I started off in the water at a very young age as my parents knew how important it was to be able to swim and swim I did! Joining a squad I have now become a national swimmer, and as I was drawn to the beach I also became a bodyboarder. Feeling the enjoyment, serenity and the shear beauty of our surroundings I decided that it would be amazing to capture them on camera and share my moment with the world and so my journey began…

I picked up a camera less than 7 months ago and set out on a journey to capture the finest moments of the ocean. I have been lucky enough to travel overseas to several countries capturing well known and secret surfing breaks as well as my local area. Although I am still young I know that photography is my passion and I aim to make it a career.

Sun Zapper has given me an awesome opportunity to be one of their ambassadors and work with an outstanding group of Coastal photographers, surfers and bodyboarders that I look up to and have so much respect for! I'm so grateful for what Sun Zapper has done for me. They have taught me the importance of protecting your skin against the harsh Australian sun, especially at a young age. There are so many colours of zinc to choose from which is cool.

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