As well as my passion for kitesurfing, I also dedicate myself to Sports Physiotherapy. I see many injured kitesurfers and get them back into the water quickly. I've only been kitesurfing for 6 years but when the wind is 'on' you will find me the water, for sure. I started with the old school, freestyle way of kitesurfing but since then I have been riding the waves more which gives me an immense feeling of freedom. The sound of the waves breaking on the beach is amazing and fills me with energy!

Every year I try to visit two or three kitesurfing spots around the world. I want to discover the world and surf all the time. To protect my skin in the water, even when there's not much sun in Holland, I love to use Sun Zapper. If you protect your body well, your body will protect you!

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If you're in the Netherlands and need Sun Zapper come visit my Website. You can also contact me if you need physiotherapy, through my Website.