Hailing from a family of 9 (2nd youngest of 7 boys), and my 4 eldest brothers being strictly stand-up surfers, I picked up the bodyboard when my older brother was attacked by a shark and lost the ability to ride a surfboard.

After purchasing my first issue of Riptide (#182) which featured the film ‘Hiding From Comfort’, along with beginning to bodyboard with my brother, it wasn’t long before I caught the bug. Every issue, every poster, every new DVD, it had to be ours. It had to be read, watched, consumed.

I remember seeing the Sun Zapper adds of Winny and Max Arent. You couldn’t paddle out without having white zinc smeared across your nose, it just wasn’t right.

I enjoy filming bodyboarding just as much as I enjoy doing it. Showcasing my friend’s best riding is something I regularly do. I also enjoy competition. Competing against your mates is one of the most fun and enjoyable experiences about bodyboarding.

My favorite Sun Zapper product is the 60ml Clear Zinc Sunscreen. Ideal for applying before a day of work in the hot sun, or a walk on the beach.

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